Spectrum not able to list OIDs present in the snmpwalk
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Spectrum not able to list OIDs present in the snmpwalk


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CA Spectrum


We are working with TCPWave devices that need to be monitored by Spectrum. Unfortunately, it looks like some of the OIDs are not accessible from Spectrum in mibtools but from an SNMP walk of those same oids we get information returned e.g.

snmpwalk -v2c -On -c yyyyyy x.x.x.x  .


Release : 21.2


When we try to gather a full mib walk using the 3rd party sapwalk application, the walk finishes with an error instead of a correct end of walk flag for all the TCPWave devices.  This indicates a problem with the SNMP agent on these devices or the mib is not RFC compliant.  All the walks end on the same oid so it would seem the mib is non compliant at this point., OctetString , Mar 16 13:35:12 xxx: INFO: Flushing any cached BatchWrites before shutdown.
#Error: Cannot decode response., OctetString , Mar 16 13:34:21xxx: DHCPACK on yyy via eth0
#Error: Cannot decode response., OctetString , Mar 16 13:36:52 xxx: 
#Error: Cannot decode response.



As the SNMP agent is returning a non standard response, the sapwalk application is unable to decode it and ends the walk at that point.  Spectrum is also showing difficulties to walk the complete mib.  This device/mib/SNMP agent problem would need to be discussed with the device vendor, who needs to resolve it and make it complaint before any SNMP tools such as Spectrum can read it.