Cannot upgrade robot with robot_update 9.37: Installation of section win64 failed
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Cannot upgrade robot with robot_update 9.37: Installation of section win64 failed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I'm trying to update my uim robots to version 9.37 using robot_update in IM and AC but I'm getting errors.

During the distribution Progress I get the error:

"Installation of section win64 failed"


In AC I get: 

"CRC check failed on 'Package:robot_update, File: x:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\automated_deployment_engine\ade_package_temp\1121d013-ecad-4d7c-8eb3-ae1fc01780a6\win64\controller.exe'."


In controller's logs I see this:

"Mar 13 11:00:13:016 [70524] 0 Controller: fopen failed for robot/pkg/temp/controller.exe.tmp" 
"Mar 13 11:00:14:427 [70524] 0 Controller: inst_file_next: Unable to append to file robot/pkg/temp/controller.exe.tmp"


Upgrade to robot 9.36 seems to be working fine


Release : UIM 20.4 - 9.37


Antivirus or security prevention and malware detection software is most likely blocking the robot upgrade. Not all Anti-Viruses and not on all Servers and not with all robots version behave similarly in similar scenarios. We do not control how an Antivirus can behave. 

We often see security/ malware prevention applications blocking UIM installation or robot upgrades. If the Anti-Virus is not blocking the upgrade on a specific server or group of servers does not imply that the same Antivirus will not block the upgrade on other similar servers. 


We recommend to pause/stop the Antivirus or Security application and testing the upgrade again. The Antivirus can be re-enabled after the installation. 

Recent Antiviruses that are known to have blocked robot upgrade to 9.37: "Check Point (", Kaspersky("





Additional Information

See: Antivirus scanning of UIM components (