Oracle 19C upgrade - What needs to be changed in Automic Automation
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Oracle 19C upgrade - What needs to be changed in Automic Automation


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We wanted to upgrade our Automic database to Oracle 19C. We have done the upgrade in UAT and we have pointed the application to new DB. The below actions were performed. Request Automic expert support persons for a remote session to check and confirm if things are fine. Also few jobs are not getting executed properly. 


  1. Check if ports are opened to new DB same as the existing DB from application server
  2. Stop UC and TOMCAT processes. 
  3. Add the entry inside tnsnames.ora file is available in path /app/oracle/product/12.2.0/client_1/network/admin
  4. Perform TNSPING as given below to the new DB from application server. If successful proceed to next step.
  5. Change the db name in file “ucsrv.ini” available in path


Perform SUDO Reboot. Start the UC and TOMCAT.


Release : 12.3


There are other locations where the database information is stored.

The application properties file is the main configuration for Analytics Backend. The following file provides some example parameter usages, descriptions and standard default settings.

Application Properties File

The different utilities DBREORG, DBARCHIVE , DBLOAD ,DBUNLOAD etc has also in files that has Database information that needs to be updated.


Then as you already pointed out the main configuration file of the automation engine ucsrv.ini has also the DB information that needs to be updated.

Automation Engine

Please go though all the links and then we can have a remote session to clarify all the queries that you might have.