Cannot Create Detail Row in Cost Plan
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Cannot Create Detail Row in Cost Plan


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When Clarity 16.1.1 was introduced there was the ability to add detailed rows to the cost plan.  Now for SaaS customers it appears the ability has been removed.


Release : 16.1.1


It was determined by having these detailed rows in the cost plan, there was a potential to cause issues with financial reporting.  Especially for custom reports and extracts.


For SaaS customers the ability has been removed.

Starting in 16.1.2, to  enable the option to create child rows, go to 
Classic UI > Administration > General Settings > System Options > New User Experience
uncheck option(Disable child row creation for Cost Plan Details)
Click Save.




Additional Information

This is documented in the Release Notes at

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Introducing Enhancements to Financials

Upgrade Impact:
You can see the Create Detail Row option is available in the right-click context menu of a Cost Plan Detail or a Submitted Budget Plan Detail record when you upgrade to this release. This functionality is disabled by default after an upgrade in Clarity SaaS. Customers who want to enable this capability should open a support ticket requesting details on toggling this functionality off. In a future release, we plan to have a system option allowing administrators to enable/disable this functionality.