pdm_configure: WARNING - Check (ServerName) does not match current server
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pdm_configure: WARNING - Check (ServerName) does not match current server


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager



Right now, my environment of DEV SDM it's not working... Out of the blue the service of the app doesn't start. 

I ran a pdm_configure and when i get to the DB window, it shows an error like that mdb it's being used for other instance but it's not the case.


The database that this ...JL... is using has already been previously configured to be used by the server (XXXXXXXX). The database may still be in use. The mdb database may only have been configured on the main server. If multiple main servers use the same database, data corruption can occur.

Are you sure you want to continue?



The following servers use the same database:

Deactivate these servers to continue.



Release : 17.3


The error message on the pdm_configure window says that the server XXXXXXXX is using the same database.  And the name of the history file is YYYYYYYY.HIS.  

In the log file it says

03/07 15:16:34.558 INFO  ?                        ? WARNING - Check(YYYYYYYY) does not match current server.
03/07 15:16:34.558 INFO  ?                        ? Current Primary:XXXXXXXX

We discovered that there was a typo on the SDM server name on the DB side. That was fix and now the configure has no problem with the configuration of the database.