Task End date not correctly set on Task Timeline view
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Task End date not correctly set on Task Timeline view


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The Finish date of a Task being created in the Timeline view is not correctly being set according to its Default value.
This happens if the Default Date is setting to a Rolling Date like "Tomorrow".

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Configure the Default Date for the Finish date of the Task in Studio.

Object: Task | Attribute: Finish - Object Attribute

2. Set its value to "Tomorrow".

3. Log in the Modern UX.

4. Open a Project and Select the Tasks module.

5. Select the Timeliew view of the Tasks.

6. Click on + and create a New Task.

Expected Results: The Finish date to be set accordingly to the next day (tomorrow).
Actual Results: The Finish date of the task is set to the current's day (today)



Release : 16.1.1


This is currently being reviewed as DE69007


This has been reviewed as DE69007.

Fix will be provided in 16.1.3.

Workaround: Create the task on the Task Grid view.