How to translate DA to Portal Id's
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How to translate DA to Portal Id's


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


How can we correlate the Data Aggregator ID to the Portal/PC ID?


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


To correlate the id's you can use the /pc/redirector URL:

1. Go to http://<DA>:port/rest/dataaggregator

  • Search for NpcConnectionUID and make note of the value between the tags

2. Get the DA itemid for the example device

  1. This can be obtained by looking up the device under Administration > Monitored Items Management > Monitored Devices
  2. Search for the device and under the 'Details' tab look for the  'Item ID:' value

3. Construct the following URL:  http://PC:8181/pc/redirector?ProductGUID=<NpcConnectionUID from step #1>&LocalID=<da item id from step 2b>

  • If you are using SSL you would need to change the protocol from http to https and the port from 8181 to your appropriate port (8182, 443)


After doing this the redirector URL will translate DA to PC id's and open the appropriate device in the Portal