Difference in using OPSDOM function vs. suppressing a DOM message
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Difference in using OPSDOM function vs. suppressing a DOM message


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have several Opera rules that DOM messages issued by TRMS.  I am attempting to write an OPS/MVS rule to replace these.  

In OPERA they seem to use DOM for some messages that are not FAILURE or IMMED ATTN.  If I suppress the message, it will not display at all.  If I use the OPS/MVS OPSDOM function to DOM the message it will display and then be marked for roll off.  Is there any other functional difference?



Release : 14.0


There are no other functional differences other than those mentioned.

If the OPSDOM() function is used in a message rule to to "delete" an operator action message from the z/OS Action Message Retention Facility (AMRF), highlighting will be removed and the message will no longer be retained on the console. It will scroll off the console screen just like any other console message.

If a message rule is used to suppress an operator action message, it will not be shown on the console at all. 

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OPS/MVS OPSDOM() function:


Return Statements governing the disposition of messages in a message rule: