Collect task not working after upgrade
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Collect task not working after upgrade


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


In properties of Scalability Collect Task, all Tasks are in Available list. If we move them to Selected Tasks and save the modifications, they appear again in Available list


Client Automation 14.5 CU5


It is only a display issue. To make sure that all tasks are selected, select all the tasks from "Available Tasks" list  and move them in "Selected Tasks" list.

Fix T5IZ470 resolves this problem. Open a case at CA Broadcom Technical Support to get this fix.

Additional Information

Following SQL Query could give the correct list of Selected Tasks.
select jocont from ncjobcfg where jotype=10 and joname like '%ScalaName Collect%'
Replace ScalaName by the name of scalability server.
If it returns something like :
it means that all tasks are selected.

- is Status
B is Asset Registration
M is Hardware Inventory
I is Hardware Inventory
F is Backup
L is Software Inventory
H is Software Usage
U is Audit
Absence of ";NO_CONTENT_DISTRIBUTION" means that "Content Distribution" is selected.
So if SQL Query returns 
Then it means that all tasks are selected.