Policy express error during import
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Policy express error during import


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CA Identity Manager


1. IME_EXPORT_10-JAN-2023.zip: This was taken yesterday night 02:00AM using the OOTB importexportutility. This was used for recovery.

2. IME_EXPORT_11-JAN-2023.zip: This was taken this morning 02:00AM using the OOTB importexportutility. This export is after recovery.


The two issues which we found during this activity are:

1. Import issue: Sometime in past, the advanced settings were corrupted. The Outbound event mappings were completely not present and the Attribute Mappings were also not in good shape. You also saw that %USER_ID% mapping was missing in the meeting. Though the Outbound event mappings were not present in previous backups as well, the Attribute Mappings were corrupted when we imported few Admin Roles yesterday. This resulted in Attribute Mappings corruption, though we don't have an good evidence to prove that.

The only logical reason is, the backup which helped in recovery later was taken from 01/10 02:00 AM ET and in this backup, the Attribute mappings are there. The Admin Role import which was done was performed around 01/10 03:00 AM ET. But again, I think we can not reproduce this to get the DEBUG logs. If you have seen this behavior in past and aware of any KB article or known support case, please help in sharing the same. This would help us in sharing with team and they would take this as a precautionary step for verification whenever there is such an import done in future. 

2. Import issue showing PX: During the recovery when we thought of importing the complete Roles&Tasks.xml from yesterday's backup, we saw this from Management Console:

  Deploying role definitions...
    Importing Screens...
    Importing Tasks...
    Importing Roles...
    Importing Policies...
    Importing Managed Objects...
Error: Error trying to export a Policy Xpress Policy

1 error(s), 31 warning(s)


Again, we can't reproduce this or get DEBUG logs at this point. If you think we should raise another Support Case for this, please advise or you can inform this to Engg team.

However, there is one question where we need some assistance. Can you please share what happens in background when the complete Roles&Tasks.xml is imported from Management Console? I mean, what happens at the code level when the import is going on. The new objects may be created and the existing objects may be replaced. In case of PX policy, is it getting exported first in some temp folder and then compared? The reason for asking this question is, we got this export related error with PX while importing the xml. If you think, we should take this up in another Support Case, I can do that as well. This would help us in any such future recovery as well. Please advise.


Release : 14.4


This issue was traced down to having a policy express policy with special characters:

<PxParameter extraInfo="" index="2" uiType="TYPED">&#31;&#31;</PxParameter>

Removing the policy express policy allowed for the export of the IME without error.