How to deactivate an LPAR using OPSBCPII
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How to deactivate an LPAR using OPSBCPII


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I want to query certain LPARS and if they are NOT_OPERATING, I need to issue the SETATTR cmd to DEACTIVATE the LPAR

Can this be done with OPSBCPII?





Release : 14.0


OPERSTAT is the attribute to the checked.

 Also, DEACTIVATE is not a SETATTR option. DEACTIVATE is a command issued using SENDCMD. Please, refer to chapter 19 of the MVS Callable Services for High Level Languages IBM manual as it lists all the possible attributes and commands necessary to use.

Sample command to deactivate an LPAR:

 The FORCE=YES option allows you to deactivate the LPAR even if it is in an operating status.

/* REXX - Using OPSBCPII V1 */

CMD= 'DEACTIVATE FORCE=YES'                              
Address "HWS"                                            
        "SENDCMD CMDTEXT('"CMD"')",                      
        "ENTITY(CPC('IBM390PS.MFXX') LPAR('LPXX')",      
        "TIMEOUT(300) DEBUG(YES)"