Questions concerning the 10.7.2-Vse logging and performance mode
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Questions concerning the 10.7.2-Vse logging and performance mode


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Service Virtualization


Performance Team is testing virtual service MQ which are created using SV. Project team wants to know the time the request came in to the time VSE has sent back a response.  This information is not available for us in the individual Service log

Receive time (When request has received by Listen Step of the VSE)

Respond Time (when VSE has responded with the response)

Elapsed Time (How much time DevTest has taken to process the request).



Release : 10.7.2 and up


 To get STEP specific response time in 10.7.2, you need to follow the steps below: 

A patch is not required

1. Open file in a text editor

2. Add the following CLASS specific logger definition = com.itko.lisa.test.TestNode
logger.responsetime.level = DEBUG
logger.responsetime.additivity = false
logger.responsetime.appenderRef.A1.ref = A1


Locate the loggers definition in the same file and add the new logger to the existing list of Loggers


loggers = responsetime,teamdev, eventlogger, apache, smardec, apachehttp, mchange, hibernate, jfree, jniwrapper, rmi, threadDumper, eclipse, codehaus, grails, springframework, jndi, flywaydb, jayway, sf, quartz, jettyAnnotationParser, jettyWebContext, springsecuritycore, springsecurityldap, springldapcore, securityAuth, VSE, ADVICE, threadDumpLogger, hibernateorm, NIOSession,apachehttpheader, apachehttpwire


Save the file.No need to restart VSE. With this change, the Response time at step level will be recorded in the VSE log file as shown below: