AWS S3 Plugin - How to confirm Installation and how to use it in the UI
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AWS S3 Plugin - How to confirm Installation and how to use it in the UI


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CA Workload Automation AE


We followed the document provided on earlier case "S3 Plugin Extension for AWS"
How do we confirm that it has been installed and use it in the UI?


Autosys 12.X
System Agent


Please review the S3 Plugin Extension.pdf provided for installation.

In the PDF there are example jobs starting on page 60.

From the document:
Job Definition
To use the Plugin Extension, the job must be defined as a POJO job. This job type is supported on AutoSys, dSeries, CA7,
and ESP. The j2ee_parameter needs to be passed in the exact order to call the methods.

Secret Encryption

All secrets attributes can be encrypted using the agent password utility located in the agent home directory.

AWS: AutoSys Job Definition for CREATE
insert_job: testAWSCreate job_type: POJO

machine: ibnbld004096

owner: ejmcommander


date_conditions: 0

alarm_if_fail: 1

alarm_if_terminated: 1

method_name: create

j2ee_parameter: s3.Endpoint=https\://

j2ee_parameter: s3.AccessKey=$$AWSACCESSKEY

j2ee_parameter: s3.AccessKeySecret=$$AWSACCESSKEYSECRET

j2ee_parameter: s3.Region=ap-south-1

j2ee_parameter: s3.BucketName=chetanbucket007
j2ee_parameter: s3.FileName=hdfs.keytab
j2ee_parameter: s3.SteadyState=20S

j2ee_parameter: s3.FileSize=100

j2ee_parameter: s3.SleepInterval=2

j2ee_parameter: s3.QueryParam="list-type=2"

j2ee_parameter: s3.UseRegex=false

j2ee_parameter: s3.LogLevel=8

j2ee_parameter: s3.FailureInterval=3

j2ee_parameter: s3.ReturnFileURI=true

class_name: com.broadcom.pojo.s3.S3AWS

In the Web UI you would use Quick edit to create a POJO job type and fill in the required fields.

the POJO job type is run through the application services plugin.
We can see this is installed and enabled in the information provided:
cybAgent -vv

The next step will be to create a test job per the documentation and test out the setup.
There is no built-in test method for the AWS S3 plugin.

Additional Integrations/Plugins Installed on Agent:

   Name                               Enabled   Version

   - Application Services               Yes