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CICS Threadsafe


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


CICS Threadsafe: Can SYSVIEW indicate which programs part of the transaction's execution path contributes most to the total tcb mode switches performed by a transaction?


Release : 17.0


The short answer would be no, however, let below is some additional information to assist in identifying some of the pieces.
On the CPROGRAM display SYSVIEW identifies how the program is defined in the 'Con' column.  This column will identify if the program has been defined as QR, TS, or REQ, where TS is Threadsafe.
CPROGUSE will identify programs that are associated to transactions.
When the user checks records on the CTRANLOG display, down in the DFHTASK section there are two entries:
247 CICS TCB change mode delay time      0.000071
248 CICS TCB changes modes                     10    
The delay time is the total time used to perform the switches and the second is the number of times switches occurred.  SYSVIEW doesn't provide a breakdown of the time.  Just the fact that there are switches being done tells to user it's not a Threadsafe transaction. Since not all CICS functions are Threadsafe, users can use SYSVIEW's MEITRACE, run for a short period of time, to view the CALLs made and verify if all the calls are on the CICS Threadsafe list.
The SYSVIEW CTASKS command also provides information as to what TCB ID is associated with the task.  Column TCBID provides that information as well as whether it was a QR or not, where QR being not Threadsafe.

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