Timesheet updates are not working when rounding off the value
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Timesheet updates are not working when rounding off the value


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Clarity PPM SaaS


1. Login Clarity Classic UI.
2. Navigate to Administration -> Project Management -> Timesheet Options
3. Ensure that the Decimal Places setting is set for 2. 
4. Navigate to Modern UX and Open a timesheet.
5. Enter the value of 2.497 in the timeentry of a task.
6. We notice that the value is rounded off to 2.50 in the UI, but database stores the value as 2.497 (8989.2).
7. For customer's Using HCL Timesheet hook there are rules which restrict submission of timesheet when the time entries are not in .25 increments. Submitting a timesheet in the above scenario of 2.497 will throw an error.
8. User modifies the value which is showing as 2.50 and enters the same value 2.50 again.

Expected Results :- Timeentry is updated to reflect 2.50 hours
Actual Results :- Timeentry is not updated and still reflects 2.497 hours.



Release : 16.1.1


This is being investigated as DE68954, after Engineering review it is working as designed.

Below workaround should be considered.

Set the decimal precision to 4 digits so that 0.25 rounding while updating through hook will still work and user will also be able to see all the decimal value data that they are entering. 

Another suggestion is to remove the value and enter zero(0) before entering the actual value.