Secondary Landscape Server Not In-Sync With Primary
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Secondary Landscape Server Not In-Sync With Primary


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Today our System Engineering team migrated one of our secondary landscape servers.  It was supposed to be a snapshot and then a migration.  Unfortunately they used a snapshot that was several days old.   Once the server was brought backup, I failed over from our primary server to ensure proper functionality.  What I discovered is that any changes I made since they took the snapshot on Monday, are not present today. I am aware that they should have never used the snapshot from Monday. They should have taken a snapshot today and used that.  In any event, here we are.  I failed back to the primary. I went into the OneClick Administration, Landscapes, I selected the primary server in question and ran resync with Master. I then failed over the primary again, to the secondary and the data is still not the same.  How do I get the data on the secondary to match the data on the primary?   


Dx NetOps Spectrum, any version


Simply invoke an online backup and it will sync over to the secondary and resolve any differences between the two environemnts