Setting up TLS Gateway agent with the Service Manager
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Setting up TLS Gateway agent with the Service Manager


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After installing the TLS_Gateway agent, what is the command line needed in order to add it to the Service Manager? 



Release : 21.0.4


For the Service Manager to start the TLS_Gateway agent, the start command needs to be added that is similar to the start commands for other Java agents - with the path to Java, like

java -Xrs -Xmx2G -jar

and then the path to the jar file like C:\automic\agents\tls_gtw\bin\uctlsgtw.jar.

The full command would look like:

java -Xrs -Xmx2G -jar C:\automic\agents\tls_gtw\bin\uctlsgtw.jar

and the start path would be set as C:\automic\agents\tls_gtw\bin

Make sure to set the paths appropriate to the system this is being installed on.

Additional Information

If the information from the documentation is followed to set up the agent via the Administration or Process Assembly perspectives, once the agent is downloaded that zip file contains a folder 'smgr' which has the .smd file in the /bin folder. That can be copied into the current UC4.smd file to add it to the existing service manager/service manager dialog.