CADZSPLx S0E0 Abend in CADDSPLZ During Shutdown after CADD042W and CADD043W messages
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CADZSPLx S0E0 Abend in CADDSPLZ During Shutdown after CADD042W and CADD043W messages


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We recently changed our RPI task's processing CLASS from CLASS=R to CLASS=D. This change was successful.

However, when we issue the CLOSE command to shutdown the CADZSPLx task, we are now receiving a S0E0 abend in the CADZSPLx task after the following messages are issued:


CADD043W SPL0     close enforced for orphaned report Name/Token not found        
CADD184I SPL0 Token=000086A5 Job=HSM      DDname=SYS00681  Ord#=00034463         
CADD084I SPL0 Token=000086A5 Jid=STC04919 PrcStep=         Step=HSM              
CADD085I SPL0 Token=000086A5 Class=R Dest=         Origin=Intercept              
CADD042W SPL0     delete enforced for empty orphaned report Name/Token not found 
CADD184I SPL0 Token=00008C4B Job=CICSPRDA DDname=LOGUSR    Ord#=00000144         
CADD084I SPL0 Token=00008C4B Jid=STC00029 PrcStep=         Step=CICSPRDA         
CADD085I SPL0 Token=00008C4B Class=R Dest=         Origin=Intercept              
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  367                                                 
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0E0  REASON CODE=00000029                                 
 TIME=22.10.44  SEQ=16372  CPU=0000  ASID=0099                                   
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  070C4000   8000C51E  ILC 4  INTC 29                       
   ACTIVE MODULE           ADDRESS=00000000_000072A0  OFFSET=0000527E            
   DATA AT PSW  0000C518 - DAAC4120  DAA85020  1014BFFF                          
   AR/GR 0: 00000000/00000003   1: 000086A5/0001F40C                             
         2: 00000000/0001F408   3: 00000000/00000000                             
         4: 01FF002A/00DC1A00   5: 01FF0026/000D2718                             
         6: 00000000/0F242618   7: 00000000/12A88060                             
         8: 00000000/92A88000   9: 00000000/0000C6E8                             
         A: 00000000/01DB0900   B: 00000000/0000C29C                             
         C: 00000000/800072A0   D: 00000000/0001E960                             
         E: 00000000/00000000   F: 01000002/00000000                             
 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                                             
IEF450I CADZSPL0 SPL0 - ABEND=S0E0 U0000 REASON=00000029


The 2 orphaned reports did not get deleted and keep causing CADZSPLx task to abend during shutdown.

How to remove these orphaned reports?                 


Dispatch, 11.7, z/OS


Running back leveled Dispatch maintenance in conjunction with issuing an improper CLOSE command to shutdown the CADZSPLx task while the INTERCEPT function is actively intercepting reports.


To resolve the immediate problem, perform the following steps to delete these old obsolete entries from the RIDF TYPE=OTHER queue:

- Access the VOPMI200-Report Input Display Facility screen via options 8.2 from the main menu
- On this screen, change the 'Type ==> RPI' to 'Type ==> OTHER' and press [enter] 
- Tab down next to the (Job=HSM Jid=STC04919) entry and type a 'F' in the OPT column and press [enter]
- If the 'F' command is successful, the TYPE column will change from RCVY to USER
- If the TYPE column now reflects USER, tab down next to this same entry and type a 'D' next to is again to delete it
- Repeat the same process (First 'F' then 'D') against the Job=CICSPRDA Jid=STC00029 entry also shown in the error messages

As a preventative followup:

* Apply all CURRENT Dispatch maintenance.

* You should never have the output from long running batch jobs or started tasks being processed by the INTERCEPT function of CADZSPLx. Divert the output from long running applications out to the JES queue and let it be collected by the appropriate CADZSPLx SAPI tasks post-spool.

* When shutting down the CADZSPLx task when the INTERCEPT function is active, make sure you are issuing the correct 'F SPLx,CLOSE IMM' command  so that Dispatch will build the appropriate control blocks that enable it to collect, process and recover "partially" intercepted data correctly after the CADZSPLx and CADZSAPx (SAPI) tasks are restarted.