Layout of the console session
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Layout of the console session


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How is it possible to increase the number of rows and columns in a console Session window ?

Changing the terminal under AP Session Definition does not change the number of rows and columns.


Release : 11.7


Check the CONSOLxx member in the SYS1.PARMLIB what UNIT is specified.. 
Possibly it says UNIT(3270-2) ... 
Change it to UNIT(3270-X) and possibly then connect as model 2 and Model 4 screens sizes should be possible..
Depending on the Terminal specification of the Session in AP..

Also check the AREA and SEG parameters in the CONSOLxx member.. Possibly these need a change because of the sizing..

The actual issue is the SEG parameter... 
SEG(19) is according IBM a Model 2 SEG setting.. 
See this IBM page:

Changing this to SEG(39) will make a Model 4 terminal

Additional Information

Console AREA and SEG:

Console UNIT parm:

Console DEVNUM UNIT parm: