Task baseline duration vs Project Baseline Duration
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Task baseline duration vs Project Baseline Duration


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Clarity PPM On Premise


SUMMARY: Task duration (prduration) is defined as days.  However, baseline duration is based on hours.


1. In Classic, create a task using Day Time setting for start and finish 
    - make the task start = 1 PM finish 5 PM
2.    Baseline the project either from the Task or Project baseline pages.


In addtion, baseline duration does not take into consideration non-workdays where task duration does.


Expected Result: Baseline Duration matches Task Duration


Actual Result:  Baseline Duration calculates using all days while task duration calculates using non-workdays.

Tasks should be based on 8 hour days. If your task duration is not 8 hours, the task baseline duration will calculate based on the hours.

For example:  If the task start is 1 PM and the finish is 7 PM the duration will be 0.6250

In addition, baseline duration uses a midnight date while task duration uses 5 pm or some other time.  This can make the finish date be one day later on the baseline finish.



Release : 16.1.0, 16,1,1


Reported as DE68928 and fixed in 16.1.2

Baseline Duration is defined as working days (DateDiff WorkTime) 

Task Duration is defined as full days (DateDiff WorkDays)   (excluded Holidays)


Baseline Duration has been updated to reflect the Task Duration and use DateDiff WorkDays which will exclude non-working days.


DE68928 Resolved in 16.1.2.