Change Locale code page from en US with Web Viewer 14.0
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Change Locale code page from en US with Web Viewer 14.0


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In the OMWEBVWR startup there is message: CAHVS0024D Name: LOCALE  Type: Locale  Value: en-US

As expected the currency symbols, and a few others, are showing with US codepage 037. However, for example the standard in the UK is codepage 285.

How to configure the locale to use UK or other non US code pages?


Release : 14.0

Web Viewer


The product is written in US English and is not available in other languages at this time.

The repository definition must be edited for a different code page so that reports show up in the desired locale.


The locale used during start-up is hard-coded and cannot be changed.  This is the locale for the product.  The product is not currently available in any other languages.

The code page used when displaying a text report is controlled by the Character Set field in the Add/Edit Repository screen – the default is IBM037 which is the US code page.  In the edit repository screen switch the Character Set to the code page you want to use – ie IBM285 for example.

This IBM manual has Code pages

Additional Information

If upgrading from Web Viewer 12.1 you can determine what the repository code page should be by examining the DRAS setup with Language, T1253X0875  for example,

1253 is the PC code page which is not needed for Web Viewer 14.0

875 is the mainframe code page which would be entered a IBM875 for the repository definition for Web Viewer 14.0.