Broadcom ISV SCRT reports - abundance of like product names in E5 and P5 sections
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Broadcom ISV SCRT reports - abundance of like product names in E5 and P5 sections


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When looking at ISV SCRT file I see many repeated entries of similar product names popping up in both the E5, P5 and Q5 sections.

e.g. Section E5 is giving dozens of entries for the same product.


Product Name                                               Product ID
Endevor 18.00.00 ---- C1BM3000    AK
Endevor Automated Configuration 18.00.00 ---- C1BM3000     AY
Endevor Automated Configuration 18.00.00 ---- ENBP1000     AY
Endevor Extended Processors 18.00.00 ---- C1BM3000       A9
Endevor Extended Processors 18.00.00 ---- ENBP1000       A9
Endevor Parallel Development 18.00.00 ---- C1BM3000       A8
Endevor Parallel Development 18.00.00 ---- ENBP1000       A8
Endevor Quick Edit 18.00.00 ---- C1BM3000               BX
Endevor Quick Edit 18.00.00 ---- ENBP1000               BX
Endevor Automated Configuration 18.00.00 ---- ISPTASK      AY
Endevor Extended Processors 18.00.00 ---- ISPTASK       A9
Endevor Parallel Development 18.00.00 ---- ISPTASK       A8

Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| VSEXTPRX  6F
Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| DFSRRC00  6F
Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| SQAMS660  6F
Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| GPAE632R  6F
Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| GPAE636R  6F
Easytrieve Report Generator Runtime **.**.** ||| GPSF005R  6F


The report suffers from excessive "features" that aren't really features.

These excessive features being listed are a result of a bug that is corrected by LU02177. The solution was published on July 27, 2021 

If this (and other SCRT) PTF(s) was deployed during the reporting period then you may still see the problem because the solution needs to be active for the entire reporting period. That is, from the very start of the reporting period.


Install CCS PTF LU02177 and deploy to ALL systems involved with SCRT reporting.

Note: This fix is part of the CCS licensing load module which needs to be running on each and every LPAR



Additional Information

An SCRT reporting period starts at the beginning of the 2nd day of the month and ends at the end of the 1st day of the subsequent month.
If this PTF has already been deployed, the ISV SCRT reports should normalize in the next reporting period.
Going forward the reports should return to normal as long as the solution is active on the LPAR for the entire reporting period.