High Memory Utilization
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High Memory Utilization


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ISG Content Analysis Content Analysis Software


We have noticed that our proxy and CAS are consuming more than 70% of memory in Management Center portal , but VM it seem normal , appreciate your advice on this. See the snippet below, for reference.



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We shared the snippet the customer sent us, below, for reference, as we updated the customer.

Content Analysis displays memory usage information for the past hour, day, and 30 days on this page. It is normal to see occasional spikes in memory usage during periods of high load, but if Content Analysis sustains a memory utilization value beyond 90% for more than a day, consult Symantec Support for assistance.

Ref.: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/symantec-security-software/web-and-network-security/content-analysis/3-1/reporting/statistics_appliance/Stats_Mem.html 

So, with 81% memory usage, this appeared to have been a spike that wasn't sustained for more than a day. You can validate this, and the trend by viewing the memory statistics over a given period, hourly, daily, and a month. See the sample below, collected from our Broadcom lab environment.


So, the high memory usage in CAS, usually, would be linked with high load and the customer can reduce load on the appliance by applying policy to the associated Proxy to restrict the types of files sent to Content Analysis.