Restricted User does not see any staff in pull-down for Task 'Assigned Resources' field
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Restricted User does not see any staff in pull-down for Task 'Assigned Resources' field


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A resource with restricted access can use the 'Assignments' Module or the 'Assignments' sub-tab from the Tasks Module Details flyout to create assignments, but if the user tries to make an assignment using the Task 'Assigned Resources' field, the pull-down does not list any staff members. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. As a Project Manager, create a Project or Custom Investment (CIT) with some Tasks and Staff Members 
  2. Make sure the Project or Custom Investment is associated with a blueprint that has Staff, Tasks, Assignments Modules 
  3. As an Administrator, create a new user (restricted_user1) and grant ONLY the following global rights 
    • Project Tiles Navigate 
    • Project View Management All 
    • Task Management All  
  4. Login as 'restricted_user1'
  5. Open the project with Staff, Tasks and Assignments Modules 
  6. Go to Assignments Module - Insert a new assignment row 
    • As expected: 
    • the user is able to see the list of staff members even though the user does not have resource view nor booking rights and regardless of the assignment pool setting 
  7. Go to Tasks Module - Add the 'Assigned Resources' field to the grid 
  8. First go to a Task and open the Details Fly-out, Assignments Subtab - here you can make assignments just the same is if you were in the Assignments Module 
  9. Now from the Tasks grid, click into the 'Assigned Resources' field  -- the pull-down is empty ; I expected to see the list of Staff Members 

Expected Results: The pull-down list on the Task 'Assigned Resources' should always show the list of Staff Members regardless of the user's access to view or book resources. The restricted user already can see the staff members because they have access into the project or CIT. 

Actual Results: The Task 'Assigned Resources' is not showing the list of Staff Members for the restricted user. 


Release : 16.1.0, 16.1.1


Reveiewd by SE as DE68907


DE68907, fixed in 16.1.2

Workaround: Use the 'Assignments' Details Flyout SubTab on the Task to make the assignments or go into the Assignments Module.