SSLV appliance Crash after Host Categorization update
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SSLV appliance Crash after Host Categorization update


Article ID: 262025


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


The customer reported post the host categorization update, the SSLV got rebooted.
In the logs we can see below:

ssldata[16748] Host Categorization Blue Coat database loaded. Version = 430690400. Database available until 19-Jan-2038.
ssldata[105449] Mini Dump Created -->> /var/log/crash/ssldata/bca2b715-be9a-4455-417befa8-580cf823.dmp



Following is Root Cause Analysis:

When SSLV is up & running with HostCat configured, subsequent downloads are just incremental updates and only diffs are applied to database already running on SSLV.

During this incremental update from 430690300 to 430690400 & in all subsequent updates, WebPulse team removed significant number of stale URLs that were no longer needed.
In past WebPulse team has removed stale URLs but not by this significant amount, causing a crash in ssldata.


Workaround is to disable auto update of the host categorization. 

SSLV Version BCIS which is in 4.5.10+, they were/will not be affected