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Clarity PPM On Premise


I need to update the database password for the application.  Plesae help me locate the config file so I can update the password for the database.  

We have EnableStudio 141/142 installed.  


Release : 16.0.1


PSB process for changing database password for the CAPA / ES 14.1

Before proceeding keep the below credentials handy

  • Apache Tomcat GUI Admin User and password
    default admin (no password for admin use)
  • SQL admin user to reset CAPA / ES DB user password if not done already
  • CAPA / ES WAR admin username and password (for troubleshooting if needed)

o   Default CAPA / ES WAR admin username and password

o   1. Username: admin

o   2. Password: dfkhvlkp$75

  • CAPA superadmin password (testing/troubleshooting if needed)



  1. full back up of Application DB i.e. SQL DB (CAPA /ES Database)
  2. open the apache tomcat homepage
  3. Click on the manager app

 6.       Stop your CAPA / ES app

7.       Find the apache installation path example:
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\es141\WEB-INF\classes

8.       Find and open “” from the above folder

9.       Find “dbs.password” parameter and update your updated password

10.   Save the file

11.   Start the app from the apache tomcat application list

12.   Verify ES / CAPA login page.