MS IIS security issue with VIP
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MS IIS security issue with VIP


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VIP Service


When you configure the IIS page to protect, the user enters the link in the browser that is not case matched to the page i.e. all lowercase, or camel cased in a different way you input into the plugin box then it fails to invoke the plugin which bypasses 2FA.


Release : VIP 1.0


To troubleshoot redirect URLs to lowercase in Microsoft IIS login page when integrating with Symantec VIP, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the IIS server configuration to ensure that it is set up correctly. Ensure that the URL Rewrite module is installed and enabled and that the rewrite rules are configured correctly.
  2. Check the Symantec VIP server configuration to ensure that it is set up correctly. Ensure that the policies and user accounts are set up correctly, and that the VIP server is configured to accept requests from the IIS server. Check the installation and configuration documentation to ensure that all required steps have been followed.
  3. Verify that the redirect URLs are correctly formatted. Ensure that the URLs are in lowercase and that there are no typos or errors in the URLs.
  4. Check the logs for error messages or warnings. The IIS server logs and the Symantec VIP logs may provide valuable information on what is causing the issue.
  5. Try testing the redirect URLs with a simple test page to see if the URLs are working correctly. If the test page does not work, it may indicate an issue with the configuration or connectivity.
  6. Check the SSL certificate used by the IIS server to ensure that it is valid and trusted by the VIP server. If the certificate is invalid or not trusted, the plugin may not work correctly.