16.0.3 Upgrade Fails Due to OS User String Too Long
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16.0.3 Upgrade Fails Due to OS User String Too Long


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Clarity PPM On Premise


16.0.3 Upgrade Fails Due to OS User String Too Long


  1. Prior to upgrade in CSA set the OS user
  2. The OS user length is more than 30 characters, e.g.<os user="[email protected]
  3. Start the upgrade from 16.0.1 to 16.0.3
  4. The upgrade will fail 

Expected Results: Upgrade should be successful 

Actual Results: Upgrade fails with below error 

3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) ==========================================
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) DBTools Log - Mon Mar 13 08:23:01 CDT 2023
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) ==========================================
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) 08:23:02.129 [main] FATAL com.niku.union.persistence - Failed to initialize Context properties
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) java.sql.SQLException: Connection property: format error: Property is 'v$session.osuser' and value is '[email protected]'
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask)     at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection.validateConnectionProperties(T4CConnection.java:6675) ~[ojdbc10.jar:]3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) Command: install database schema file
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) To URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<servername>:1521/<servicename>
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) As user: niku
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) For vendor: oracle
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) 
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) Process: /opt/clarity/apps/clarity/upgrade/infrastructure/schema/function/IS_CUSTOMER_DB.xml
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) 
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) Total time: 0H:0M:0S
3/13/23 8:23 AM (ExecTask) Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: Connection unavailable


Upgrade to 16.0.3 or higher 


The oracle thin driver seems to accept only 30 characters for the os user property in V$SESSION


Workaround 1: 

  • Post failure revert back the upgrade 
  • Create or use an OS user less than or equal to 30 character
  • Set the new user in the CSA and start the upgrade

Workaround 2:

  • Set the Environment Variable JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS using "export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Doracle.jdbc.v\$session.osuser=<username>" . Replace username with another user which is not updated as OS user in properties.xml 

Post Upgrade Steps after following Workaround 2: 

  • Add  "-Doracle.jdbc.v\$session.osuser=<username>" to the JVM parameters of all the services.