Subset inserts across linked server
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Subset inserts across linked server


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are trying to do a subset between two different servers using the linked server options. But we are getting the below error while we are trying to generate the scripts.

Can you please explain what exactly the linked server option is used for?



Release : 4.10


To use the linked server option, there should be an database link existing from source to target database. 

The purpose of providing Linked Server option is to allow generation of insert scripts with extra identifier( linked server) appended to the object so that those insert statements can be run from source DB itself.

For Database links we have below information in the documentation:


Database link:
Specifies whether to use a link to reference target or source tables, or both. If your target schema does not reside on the same server as source, choose the option to use database links to join the tables. This requires that the database link already exists.
Note: Joining tables across DB Links is usually pretty slow, so this option is not recommended.