OBS filter selection not correct in project common grid
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OBS filter selection not correct in project common grid


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


The OBS-type field filtering is not working properly. When selecting and deselecting values, the drop down checks and unchecks random values


1. Create an OBS Structure in Administration > Organization and Access > OBS
2. Add a few units/levels to the OBS
3. Associate the project object to the Associated Objects section
4. In Administration > Studio > Objects > Attributes find the OBS attribute created and add the API Attribute ID to make it UX aware 

5. Go to the Modern UX, Projects common grid
6. Add Filter > Add the OBS field to the filter 
7. Expand the drop-down to select the values and select the first two values

Expected Results: The values selected are highlighted and filters applied
Actual Results: The values are not highlighted, but applied on the first selection. After closing and opening the drop-down again the first two values are selected, and deselect the first one: all values get selected instead

At first selection:

At the second selection when you try to deselect one pre-selected value


Clarity 16.1.1


This is caused by DE68888


This issue is resolved in and 16.1.2