Spectrum with VNA and DNAC plugin - How to change historic alarms
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Spectrum with VNA and DNAC plugin - How to change historic alarms


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We recently upgraded Spectrum and VNA to 22.2.6.

In VNA we have configured HISTORICAL_NOTIFICATION_DAYS = 14, which I had expected would find issues raised by DNAC in the last 14 days and raise as alarms in Spectrum. 

What we are seeing is that there are a number of issues in DNAC that were raised within the last 14 days and they are not being raised in Spectrum after the upgrade. This is despite multiple re-syncs of Spectrum/VNA. 

Can you please advise?



Release : 22.2.6

Spectrum with VNA


The value in the DNAC plugin HISTORICAL_NOTIFICATION_DAYS is only valid the first configuration only and it will not check each time this value is changed.

To change this value please follow the steps in Resolution below.


Default HISTORICAL_NOTIFICATION_DAYS is 3 days or max 1000 events.

For Events max historical days is limited to 30 days and for issues it's 7 days, Please refer to the attached screenshot.


You need to delete the below file to collect the events/issues that are already processed/events before last notification poll.

FYI - LastSyncTime file will be updated with every successful notification poll, to fetch the delta events/issues with the next poll.

Please perform the below steps to collect last 7days issues available in DNAC.
- Enable VNA Debug logs
  cd /opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/bin/
  ./jboss-cli.sh connect

- Delete last sync time file from the below location.

- Wait for 15 mins to complete 2-3 notifications polls and upload the /opt/CA/VNA/collectors/<DNA_UUID>/tmp.
 (Please revert back the OC_ACQUISITION to INFO after collecting the tmp folder)