Spectrum - no trap alarms or events
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Spectrum - no trap alarms or events


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


We have created an alertMap entrance to map a trap into an alarm. This has been done several months ago, and it was working as expected at the time.

Today we received a complain from customer, that he should have a trap being showned in Spectrum, but he can't see it.

We can see the trap showing in the spectrum server, as we manage have it monitored into UIM using snmptd probe, but for some reason Spectrum ignores the trap.

There are no records of any trap into the VNM or into the affected model. Not even an event saying that the trap is Unmanaged or Unknown.


Release : 21.2


The VNM model was stuck in Initial condition


Stopped the SpectroSERVER application and stop/start the Spectrum Process Daemon.

After that, the SpectroSERVER was successfully started, and the condition is now Normal. And the SpectroSERVER processed the trap as expected.