unable to log in after installation of PM console.
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unable to log in after installation of PM console.


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DX NetOps


After installation of new PM console and while testing the login page http://hostname:8181/pc/desktop/page, I entered the the admin credentials and admin as password whereby I was asked to change the password. After changing the password I came across the following error: 

WARNING: For added security, ensure the URL that you use comes from a legitimate source. To remove this warning message, an administrator must enable Single Sign-On spoofing protection.

Went into the SsoConfig file and changed the web host to the hostname and did a retry. Now when I enter the admin login and admin as password I am asked to change the password and when I do, nothing happens.



Release : 22.2


You must put the name that is listed in SsoConfig in the URL bar.

So if you have the FQDN in SsoConfig, you will need to make sure you are using that in your browser URL bar.

If you are using IP, use that, etc. 

You can also disable the password update in SsoConfig that that doesnt keep getting in your way, if you would like.