Configured Server is not showing up in Dashboard
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Configured Server is not showing up in Dashboard


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CA Workload Automation AE



We have just done a fresh install in our Test environment of the Autosys Web UI (WCC), EEM, and a Primary/Secondary Scheduler. 

While configuring WCC, we were adding a server by using the "Configuration" Tab. We are able to Create the server, save it, and even Validate it. However, it does not show up anywhere else available for use. For example, it's not on the main Dashboard tab. Nor is it available in the Quick View or Quick Edit dropdowns.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Are there any suggestions for troubleshooting?

We did virtually the same install in our Development environment and this worked fine. 



Release : 12.1


The user that is logged in WCC had not been granted access in the server access, monitoring, and object access in EEM. After adding the access in EEM, user is able to see the

configured AutoSys server in all of the WCC folder tabs