Automic DB UnLoad Utility is hanging without any error.
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Automic DB UnLoad Utility is hanging without any error.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Problem with the Automic DB UnLoad Utility in the daily archive-workflow.

The DB UnLoad Utility hangs after processing the table "MELD" and appears to be blocked.


Automic Workload Automation Release : 12.3.9

AE DB Unload (UCYBDBUN.EXE) : 12.3.9


This is caused due to a continuous JOB loop which produced lot of data in MELD Table.


In Automic Utility DB Unload Install Folder:

Open ucybdbun.ini and change the default REORG_CHUNK_SIZE=1000 to REORG_CHUNK_SIZE=10  

Reducing default chunk size to the specified enables a small amount is deleted within one transaction.

Now save and exit and then run the DB Unload again and wait till it completes the process,

Please note: During this unload process please engage Oracle DB Admin to find the back ground process of deleting data to find the background process in database.