MUX Hierarchies : Certain Required Fields on Blueprint show error in Hierarchies
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MUX Hierarchies : Certain Required Fields on Blueprint show error in Hierarchies


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SUMMARY: There are certain fields that normally have default values filled in,  such as Cost Type and Billing Currency Code, which are not part of the Hierarchies module.  But because field level security and business rules are enforced in the hierarchy grid if either of these fields is marked as Required on the investment blueprint and an update is made to them on the hierarchies grid a pop-up is shown (see below) though the update does actually work if you click Cancel on the popup.




1. On a project Blueprint make a Rule for required fields.
   -  Make sure to include at least Cost Type and Billing Currency Code fields as required fields.
      - Note that these fields normally have a default already and should be populated.
2. Associate a project to this blueprint and add the columns to Billing Currency Code and Cost Type on the grid to make sure they are populated.


3. Create a Hierarchy 
   - Include an Idea and the project associated with the Blueprint you added the rules to.
4. On your hierarchy grid add the Goal field if is not already there.


5. On your hierarchy grid change the goald code on the project.

Expected Result:  Goal code updates.


Actual Result: Popup such as below shows though the field does update:  Note it appears that because those required fields are not part of the hierarchies module the popup does not show the required fields.


Workaround:  Click cancel on the popup.


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1. 16.1.1


Reported as DE68852.  


Reported as DE68852.  Resolutiohn targeted for 16.1.2