Clarity upgrade fails with 'Could not verify package for release'
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Clarity upgrade fails with 'Could not verify package for release'


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When upgrading, the following error can be seen:

X/X/X X:X X (Expand) Expanding: xxx\install-packages\16.1.0\upgrade-repack. into xxx\install-packages\16.1.0\upgrade-repack.
X/X/X X:X X (ReleaseUtilityTask) Encountered error while verifying the existence and version of upgrade package for release = 

X/X/X X:X X (ReleaseUtilityTask) Error while expanding xxx\install-packages\16.1.0\upgrade-repack. There is not enough space on the disk
X/X/X X:X X (Project) Trying to override old definition of task java

After freeing some space, the upgrade is still failing with the following error:

X/X/X X:X X (ReleaseUtilityTask) Could not verify package for release = 16.1.0


Release : 16.1.1


The disk still does not have enough capacity to unpack all the necessary files for the installation/upgrade.


Free up additional disk space, delete the installation files and extract them again from the ISOs (so that no corrupted files remain), and try to run the installer again.