Extract of metric data for time period
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Extract of metric data for time period


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DX Operational Intelligence


Is there a way to extract the metric data for all entities for a time period?


The issue came up in part since capacity analytics won't work. Some fixes and new features went in recently. We saw Gaps in the data that were due to server issues. 

So was looking at other possibilities. We did not talk much about dashboards. But focused instead on extraction.

Options :

0) Get Capacity Analytics working

1) Use REST API https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/dx-apm-saas/SaaS/api-reference/apm-rest-api/Metric-Query-REST-API.html

2) Use NASS SQL. Doc links mailed to Mark.  From Engr: They can do queryAll from metadata for a specific time range and then query for those metrics from NASS for that range.
Or do that at once through nassql. See Attachments

This could be a lot of data . So maybe run daily/weekly instead of quarterly

3) query in excel use nas as the data source


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