Telon runtime modules needed for runtime applications
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Telon runtime modules needed for runtime applications


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Telon Application Generator


Is the Telon Application Generator runtime library needed when executing in the production environment?
What are some of the reasons why this may need to be included?


Telon Application Generator, Release : 5.1


Please know that the Telon Loadlib, the CAWLLOAD, is needed for abnormal termination, line optimization, and dynamic field edits.  

Here is a link to the information on Abnormal Termination Documentation:

and Line Optimization Documentation:

Setting Abnormal termination to 0 to therefore eliminate Telon handling is not recommended.  It is also very rare to have AbnormalT parm set to 0, Lineopt set to 2 or 3, and no dynamic field edits in place.

Therefore, because of the very many variables in place, it is strongly recommended to specify the Telon Application Generator 5.1 CAWLLOAD at the time of execution.