System error 193 starting the xcomd scheduler service
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System error 193 starting the xcomd scheduler service


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XCOM Data Transport - Windows


If XCOM for Windows is installed at the default location "C:\Program Files\CA\XCOM" and there is also a file with the name "Program" that exists directly under the C drive, the XCOM service fails to start.

The following error is displayed when trying to start the XCOM service (xcomd).
C:\windows\system32>net start xcomdsrv
System error 193 has occurred.

*** is not a valid Win32 application.


XCOM for Windows


To resolve the problem, delete the Program file or move it to a different location. It can be located anywhere in subdirectories under the C: drive or on a different drive, but not directly under the C: drive.  

Additional Information

This problem may not be limited to XCOM, but all applications under "C:\Program Files" will have this problem.