Saved Searches are not editable
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Saved Searches are not editable


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Information Centric Analytics


If you login to Information Centric Analytics (ICA) as an administrator and navigate to Events > Data In Motion > Saved Searches, some saved searches are not editable. What makes a saved search editable or not, and can a search be made editable?


Release : 6.x


If a saved search was created using the Data in Motion (DIM) search filters page, it will be editable and displayed as editable. For context, the term 'Editable' as used in this part of the interface refers to the ability to modify the search filter selections for a saved search. 

In contrast, a saved search created in the Analyzer cannot be edited outside the Analyzer; that is, it cannot be edited by modifying search filter selections in Data In Motion events section of the interface. Because of this, the Editable flag is not enabled for these searches and cannot be enabled. Instead, you need to open the search in question in the Analyzer and make your modifications there.