Appneta Delivery - Route Visual not showing hops
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Appneta Delivery - Route Visual not showing hops


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AppNeta DX NetOps


Route Visual Not showing any hops on Network Path


Typically you would see hops in between source and target if target resides in a different subnet.




This is caused when running concurrent traceroute transactions to the same target, the router will not send the traceroute traffic out and reply showing the target network as the next(destination) hop.



This is an issue with the customer's ISP network. (First Hop)

Can be tested by running traceroute on monitoring point locally to see if it behaves the same way. Run concurrent traceroutes in succession.  (RUN > CTRL+C > RUN > CTRL+C)

If the same issue is happening in traceroute, it is not an Appneta Product Issue.

Support Team: Please reference internal notes as Engineering will still be working on how traceroute is run on Appneta to mitigate this in the future.