CA1 migration to R15
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CA1 migration to R15


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


We are running CA1 14.0 and are in the process of upgrading to CA1 15.0 (Flexible Storage).  Do I need to install PTFs into CA1 14.0 to upgrade it to 15.0?  


Release : 14.0


For CA1 15.0 Flexible Storage there is a new FMID for the 'base' CA1 component (FMID CAL0F00).  The other components for CA1 15.0 Flexible Storage will still make use of the prior (14.0) FMIDs, plus add 2 new FMIDs:   CD4BF00 (required for Flexible Storage, and introduces tape encryption), CCUUC60 (optional, and is used for the CA Vtape portion - used for the 'cloud' features of the product).  Again, note that for CA1 15.0 Flexible Storage, the existing 14.0 FMIDs for CTS (CBAFE00) and GATE (CAG8E00) will still be used (no new FMIDs are introduced for these components of CA1).