How to bulk update existing Cobol Programs to Java
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How to bulk update existing Cobol Programs to Java


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


In September 2022, Ellucian delivered Java processes for each COBOL process in Banner General, Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, and Human Resources, and will eventually de-support Cobol processes.

The new java jobs match their Cobol counterparts with a 'J' appended to the job name (ie. GLBDATAJ).  Additionally, each new java job has its own shell script as well (ie. glbdataj.shl).

This is a list of the affected processes:

-------    --------    -------------------------------------------------
GLBDATA   GLBDATAJ    Extracts a list of people who satisfy the selection criteria defined for a certain population.
GLBLSEL   GLBLSELJ    Letter Generation Variable Data Extract Process
GLBPARM    GLBPARMJ    This process compiles the rules for an application which are used by population selection.
GLOLETT   GLOLETTJ    Compilation Process
GUAVRFY    GUAVRFYJ    General purpose Alternate User-ID/Password verification program
PHPCALC    PHPCALCJ    Payroll gross to net calculation
PHPFEXP    PHPFEXPJ    Extracts payroll data for interface to Finance System
PXPVRFY    PXPVRFYJ    Tax Calculation Verification
RPEDISB   RPEDISBJ    Create disbursements in batch or on-line mode.
RPEPCKG    RPEPCKGJ    Package financial aid awards in batch or on-line mode.
RPEPELL   RPEPELLJ    Award PELL grants in batch or on-line mode.
TSRLBOX    TSRLBOXJ    Posts payments received through electronic funds transfer to an account.

In Applications Manager, the Cobol programs may exist many, many times in Process Flows, and the only way to switch from Cobol to Java is to manually edit every Job and Process Flow components.

This can be an challenge due to the number of Jobs and Process Flow components. 

Is there a way to bulk update existing Cobol Programs to Java?


Release : 9.4.2

Component : CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Broadcom has written a custom script to bulk update existing Cobol process to Java. The script, COB2JAVA.sql can be downloaded from this article.

The script can be updated if you do want to change one or more Jobs. For example, if you did not want to change PHPCALC, you would remove it in BOTH places that it is listed in the COB2JAVA.sql script.

What will change:
If the Banner tab's "Program" field matches the Cobol name listed above, the script will update the following fields on the Banner tab for a Job/Component:
- Program - will become lowercase with 'j' appended (ie. GLBDATA or gjbdata will become gjbdataj)  
- Program Type - changed to 'Java'
- Type Code - changed to 'J'

What will not change:
- Job names and Flow Component names will NOT be changed. 
- Alias names will NOT change. Example for GLBDATA - navigating to Object Admin/Development/Jobs will still show the job name GLBDATA. If you edit the job and go to the Banner tab, that is where you'll see glbdataj.

Run the update script:

1. Stop the Applications Manager processes (stopso awcomm)

2. Be sure to make current backups of these tables:

3. Sqlplus into Oracle as the Applications Manager Oracle user and run the COB2JAVA.sql script

sqlplus user/pwd@AMTEST  @/path/to/script/COB2JAVA

This will create the Procedure. To run the procedure, run the below commands from sqlplus:


Please note that in conjunction with Broadcom and our Ellucian consultants, Ellucian has opted for a more more robust version of the same script which is based on custom Banner Views. Ellucian's version will accommodate for:

-Custom Job names (ie GLBDATA_NEW)
-Ability to revert changes

For more information  please contact Ellucian and/or see their Article KB000502309


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