Calendar showing the incorrect date
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Calendar showing the incorrect date


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


A calendar defined based on certain criteria is running the jobs on the wrong days.
The calendar was defined to select every second Saturday of every month. Jobs were defined based on this calendar.
Jobs did run as expected for the first, January, month. But for the subsequent months jobs ran on either the first Saturday, the third Saturday, or the fourth Saturday of the following months.
How to fix this problem?


Release: 9. x


If the calendar was copied from the previous year it could cause problems like these.


This kind of problem could occur if a calendar is copied from the previous year.
The best solution is to define a current year calendar.
If that does not help then DEBUG should be enabled, and then the problem should be reproduced. Once the problem is reproduced logs should be collected and a case should be opened with the Applications Manager support team.