Can't start the installation of introscope10.8.0.27linuxAMD64.bin
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Can't start the installation of introscope10.8.0.27linuxAMD64.bin


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


I'm trying to start the installation of introscope10.8.0.27 on a Red-Hat 8 server and when executing the bin file,  I have this error:

./introscope10.8.0.27linuxAMD64.bin -i console
-bash: ./introscope10.8.0.27linuxAMD64.bin: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

It seems the file is corrupted or there is carriage return in the install script?

Here the md5sum of the file:

f4e6a10677e6b1cdaed49ee5cd554294  introscope10.8.0.27linuxAMD64.bin


Thanks !


Release : 10.8


The ^M should not appear there.  A few things this can be.

1. The installer uses !/bin/sh.  Check the permissions on the file and also the user that you are using to install it.

2. The file was transferred to the Linux server not using binary mode for transport.  This would explain the ^M carriage return showing up

3. If possible, download the file from the Linux server directly.  If you can only download the file from a Windows server, do that and then use scp to do a secure transfer as scp uses binary mode to transfer files to a Linux server.