Endevor Web Services v19 Upgrade/Installation Checklist
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Endevor Web Services v19 Upgrade/Installation Checklist


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin


Are there any special considerations of tips when installing or upgrading Endevor Webservice v19? 


The Endevor Web Services feature is now part of the Base FMID CSIQJ00 for Endevor v19.  The new Web Services installation process requires no pre-requisites and no initial Web Services configuration. Web Services is a pre-requisite to activate multiple modern interfaces to Endevor. These interfaces include:

    • Endevor Zowe CLI plugin
    • Endevor Bridge for Git
    • Explorer for Endevor
    • Endevor Eclipse plug-in

In addition, Web Services can be used to connect user-written programs to the Endevor API.  Enabling Web Services is a complex process that requires the co-ordination and assistance of several roles.

Pre-requisites to implement Endevor Web Services:

    • Endevor
    • Common Components and Services Version 15.0
    • Java 8 or higher - The 64-bit version of Java 8 is recommended.
    • Apache Tomcat for the HTTP and application server

In addition to these pre-requisites, collect the information that will be need to populate required values during the Web Services implementation process. 

Before you begin to implement the Endevor Web Services component, you must gather the information that you need to populate certain values.

ENDEVOR_SMPE_PREFIX - Specifies the data set prefix where Endevor has been installed by SMP/E or from a portable package through z/OSMF.

ENF_HOSTNAME - Specifies the host name of your Event Notification Facility (ENF) region.

TOMCAT_STC_NAME - Specifies the name of the Endevor Web Services STC (started task) to be created.

ENDEVOR_STC_NAME - Specifies the name of the backend Endevor STC (spawned task) to be created.

ENDEVOR_WS_DIR - Specifies the USS directory where the Web Services instance was installed. Read-Write access is required unless the user ID that is used for the installation has the authority to switch to superuser.

TOMCAT_CCS_DIR - Specifies the directory where CCS Tomcat is installed. Read access is required unless the user ID that is used for the installation has the authority to switch to superuser. 

TEMP_DIR - Specifies the temporary directory for the installation job to use for staging files. Read-Write access is required, and this directory must be at least 100 MB in size.

Some of these values are typically site-specific and must be provided by your organization while other values are non-site-specific and can be decided upon by the staff that are carrying out the Web Services implementation. 

Required Web Services Installation Steps

Complete the following steps to install the Endevor Web Services component.  These steps can be found in detail in the documentation: 


  1. Create and mount a file system for your Endevor Web Services server.
  2. Obtain a port number to use for Endevor Web Services.
  3. Create the Endevor Web Services server instance.
  4. Set up SSL/TLS on the installed server.
  5. Perform the initial validation of the installed Tomcat server.
  6. Enable the Endevor Web Services Tomcat server STC.
  7. Enable the Endevor Web Services backend STC.
  8. Create the Endevor Web Services configuration file.
  9. Prepare the Endevor inventory for use through Web Services.
  10. Set up Web Services security.
  11. Validate the Web Services component.

If there are any quesitons or assistance is needed with the implementation please reach out to the Broadcom Endevor Support team.




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