Gen Interface Type ARTVIEW associated with SESSION unexpectedly
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Gen Interface Type ARTVIEW associated with SESSION unexpectedly


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Recently a developer changed the data model (added an entity, some attributes and a relationship) in an application model that I subsequently migrated to the database model to complete the technical design.  GuardIEn captured my changes in a change request that included changes to specification views that were not changed.

However, looking at the database model SESSION object in WalkEncy, and in GuardIEn's Object List + tool, reveals the SESSION included changes to the ARTVIEW objects for some Interface Types.

A transaction file report of the update.trn from the Support Client does not list any ARTVIEW object types.

I would like to better understand what happened.
How did it happen and do I care?
Is there any flow-on effect for code generation?
Once I have the Broadcom answer I will ask the same question of IET about GuardIEn.


Release : 8.6


In summary an ARTVIEW object is a diagram type of object an aggregate/scoping object so would get associated to a SESSION object if one of it's associated lower level objects like an ARTOBJ had been changed during the SESSION per gen 8.6 techdocs Glossary and the definition of change capture.

1a. In the Toolset ARTVIEW objects are diagram objects created for Component Models and Interface Type Models.
For Interface Type Models, the association HLENT <DEPICTBY> ARTVIEW will exist, but for Component Models the ARTVIEW <SCOPES> SUBJ will exist instead. 
Adding these Toolset objects will result in creation of ARTVIEW objects
Component Specification Diagram
Component Implementation Diagram
Component Architecture Diagram
Interface Type
For the Interface Type as well as the ARTVIEW object an HLENT object is created at the same time and associated to the ARTVIEW object. 
b. In Gen Studio ARTVIEW objects are also created for Configuration Instances. The ARTVIEW will be associated with a GENCLASS in this case. (NOTE: A Configuration Instance in Gen Studio is just a set of Generation Configuration parameters for Web View Generation which can either be saved as a local file or saved to the model)

2. The ARTVIEW object will be flagged as changed when adding or deleting the following associations:
SUBJ <SCOPES> ARTVIEW (This association exists for Component Models but not Interface Type Models)
HLENT <DEPICTBY> ARTVIEW  (This association only exists for Interface Type Models)  
GENCLASS <DEPICTS> ARTVIEW (This association only exists for Configuration Instances)

3. For this customer's scenario the original application model SESSION objects had no associations with ARTVIEW objects and only the database model had SESSION objects associated with ARTVIEW objects.
Therefore it seems the behaviour somehow occurred with the work done on the database model or GuardIEn's reaction to it.
With no ARTOBJ association references in the update.trn transaction report and if that report also does not contain any SUBJ or HLENT associations with ARTVIEW objects then on the face of it the "changed ARTVIEW" objects does seem something that Gen itself did not generate in the model. Also customer said that he did not touch any of the Interface Types whose ARTVIEW objects are marked as changed.
After speaking to IET about GuardIEn being the possible root cause that was also ruled out.
If the problem can be recreated in the future it will be reported with more details then.

In summary there should be no impact to code generation from changes to Toolset ARTVIEW objects because they are just diagrams.