UC_ZDU does not match the version of this JWP
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UC_ZDU does not match the version of this JWP


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Post performing the minor version upgrade of AutomationEngine binaries, the services (CPs and WPs)  failed to start with the following messages in the respective log files under the directory AutomationEngine/temp: 

From the WP log:

20230307/172146.198 - U00005132 No matching entry found in table UC_ZDU for this version of the automation. Please update initial data.

From the CP log:

20230307/172241.100 - 27     U00045062Error: The version of the initial data or the stored JWP component (change list) in UC_ZDU does not match the version of this JWP.
20230307/172241.103 - 27     U00045063 Upgrade mode: 'N' -  Number of entries in UC_ZDU: '1'
20230307/172241.106 - 27     U00045064 The entry for message queue set '1' and version '21.0.4+hf.1.build.38' and change list '1669625866' cannot be used for this JWP.
20230307/172241.117 - 34     U00003432 Termination of Server 'AUTOMIC#CP' initiated.
20230307/172241.137 - 34     U00045439 The server process removed its registration from the database.
20230307/172241.154 - 34     U00045000 Database connection with session ID '68' was closed.
20230307/172241.171 - 34     U00003410 Server 'AUTOMIC#CP' version '21.0.5+build.1675341678570' ended abnormally.


Release : 21.0 and higher


This is due to version mismatch between the AutomationEngine binaries and the database table schema


Upgrade the Database schema to the current version as the binaries.

Install and configure the Utilities from the upgraded version (if not done already).

Ensure none of the CP and WP services running on the server (on all the nodes in case of an HA environment).

Execute the DBload load utility to upload the UC_UPD.TXT file from DB directory. This upgrades the database schema after the successful execution.

Start the Automation Engine services on all the nodes normally.

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