TDM/FDM masking of Workday data
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TDM/FDM masking of Workday data


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a requirement to extend Broadcom depersonalization to Workday. Can you provide us case studies or white papers where FDM was leveraged to depersonalize Workday lower environments? 

We are interested in the Workday API's that are specifically used to read/write data from Workday during depersonalization.


Release : 4.10


We currently do not support the Workday APIs in TDM/FDM.


Both TDM/FDM can be used to mask data on a supported data source. The list of supported data sources can be found at

If the Workday data can be exported to a supported data source, such as JSON file, then TDM/FDM can be used to mask the file, and the masked file can be used for depersonalization.


Additional Information

This is similar to the solution for Salesforce. (See attachment) 


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